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11 May 2019

10:30 - 12:00

Twin schools combining the best features of single-sex and co-education for children aged two and a half to thirteen

Head Boy and Head Girl present their review of the term to staff and pupils

Following tradition, the two senior prefects gave a factually accurate but deliberately light-hearted review of the term during the prizegiving on the last morning.

Good morning, as I hope many of you already realised tomorrow will be the start of the summer holidays and I am sure many of you are excited. But this is also the last day of Brockhurst  and Marlston House for the 2018 leavers and so we hope that they have plenty of fond memories to keep as they leave.

 This term for girls sport was rounders and cricket- the whole school have had  a great season with the majority of their matches being wins and a great mothers and daughter match for the leavers ended the season off with lots of fun although the mother’s beat THE DAUGHTERS! We also had a great start to girls cricket thanks to miss cargen with everyone trying out this new sport,   So a great season all round.

The boys sport has also been very successful with the 1XI having a very exciting season of cricket along with the colts and even the U9s winning many of their matches. On Sunday night the form 1 leaver boys battled against their dads. Now you may think that this match would be rather one sided on our favour, but the boys were heavily beaten by our fathers.

We have had a very strong term regarding the swimming. Even though not many people qualified for IAPS swimming finals The boys small schools relay did very well winning bronze medals, and jack, amy and tillie got  amazing individual times.

There has been much success in judo as well: with most of the boys taking part in a tournament set right here at this school and most took home medals.

This term Athletics has played a big part as a major sport with many people breaking sports day records and with austen and greeks winning the house cups. As always it was a great success and was thoroughly enjoyed and thanks go to Mrs B, Mr Meyer and all the staff for all making it run so smoothly.

Many people qualified for Tilsley Park and then Annabell, Amy, Archie, Lottie and the U13 girls relay team went on to birmingham with amazing results with a 4th place for Lottie a 4th place for the relay team and an amazing performance from annabell to win a bronze medal in the 800m.

This term Brockhurst and Marlston sent a shooting team to the  IAPS which was enjoyed by all and was a great experience. The fishing club has come back on Friday nights with many fish.

The tennis this term has been extremely strong! We have had some very exciting matches and most of them were wins. We also have had the tennis league going on with some very exciting finals. Charlie Adams did very well winning the inter boys and Jacobo winning the seniors boys. And Laura and Jemima Booth winning the girls matches.  

There have been some amazing trips this term. From 1 had a great term going to the Royal Shakespeare theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon, learning how to surf and then going to Wimbledon, thanks goes to Mrs Becker's, and Mr Templeman for organising these.

The younger pupils have also had some great trips going to France and Exmoor.

The Leavers play this year was an enormous success with a great performance of Bugsy Malone by Ben Wallis-Smith, Erin Hart, Giorgia Wetton and Jack Machin- none of course couldn't have done as well without the team of supporting actors.

With CE and scholarships at last over, huge congratulations to all as we all got into our first choice of senior school with flying colours!

On behalf of everyone we would like to say a huge thank to all this year for all their support whether it is helping improve our sport or improve our academic side or keeping the school clean  or feeding us every day, I know we will all miss the school so much as we have made some life lasting friends and some memories that we will never forget.

Three cheers for the staff:

Three cheers for the holidays.

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