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11 May 2019

10:30 - 12:00

Twin schools combining the best features of single-sex and co-education for children aged two and a half to thirteen

Senior Prefects deliver their end of term report at prize-giving

End of term speech by Zen, Ben, Zara and Thomas

Good Morning,

This term has been very busy, eventful, and with much success. With all the Seniors settling into their new roles and everyone getting into the rhythm of school again after the holidays.  Indeed within two days of term starting all of the seniors went on geography field work trips.  Mr Fleming took Form 2 to Exmoor and Mr and Mrs Park took all of Form 1 to Slapton.

On the sports field there have also been many moments of glory:

On the boys side the under 12/13 have played a mixture of football and rugby with many victories.  We had one of our old Head Boys, now at Wellington and captain of the England under 18s rugby. Finlay Rossiter kindly came to give the boys a rugby training session. The boys football season has gone well with many wins from the under `12/13s. Congratulations to the under 11’s as they have also done well working as a team, winning a football tournament.

 The Under 8s played 7 matches with the A team going undefeated.

 Last but not least, the under 7s won their first football match.

 On the girls' side, the under 12/13s have really worked well together and competed in the IAPS hockey tournament achieving 6th in their pool. They are now looking forward to the Berkshire hockey tournament.

 The under 11 girls have had a great season going to IAPS regional round, coming 2nd and then going to the nationals at Rugby. They are now 12th in the UK.

 The under 8/9/10’s have had a lot of practice on the new Astro and have worked well winning many of their matches. 

 Like the boys, the under 7 girls have had their first ever hockey match which was won with strong teamwork and determination.

The swimming this term has been up to a very high standard, with us winning several of the galas organised by Mrs Rossiter and Mrs Adams.

On the music front, the swing band performed brilliantly at the Newbury show.  A few weeks later we were preparing for the outstanding autumn concert just before half term in the first half of term.  Our huge thanks as always to Mr Rowley for organising all the amazing musical events, and for all of his hard work.

We all took part in the end of term carol service which after a lot of hard work, resulted in the end in two magical evenings.


This term has been good fun to do with drama including a very entertaining Nativity put on by the Forms 7 and 8. And we have had several enjoyable trips to the Watermill Theatre. Some of us also took part in the Holme Grange performance poetry competition, returning with several medals, including a gold.

Extra-Curricular activities this term have been very busy, such as judo, acting, speech and drama, shooting and riding.

There was a judo competition held at the school for boys and girls with many medals won.  We have also had shooting successes, with two matches, one lost and one won.

We have also had some enjoyable church services, especially the recent candlelit service for Advent. Out of doors but also in the darkness we enjoyed an amazing Escape from Brockhurst, organised by Mr Raeburn-Ward.

This term boarding pupils have also enjoyed a very intense dorm competition, we would like to say a big thank you to the Hoskings for helping us through this term.

We also would like to say a huge thank you to all the teachers. Three cheers for the teachers, ……….


Zen, Ben, Thomas and Zara

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