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Palma non sine pulvere Brockhurst and Marlston House School
Twin schools combining the best features of single-sex and co-education for children aged two and a half to thirteen

Senior Prefects deliver their report for the term

Good morning boys and girls and teachers. This has been a great term with many different achievements. Just two days after the start of term, Mr Park and Mrs Rossiter took Forms 1S, 1W and 1E to Slapton for our geography and biology field course on the beautiful south coast of Devon.

  Very soon after returning from Slapton, a large number of us performed at the Royal Berks show where the swing band played traditional and modern numbers.

This term has been a very hard hockey season with lots of amazing wins and unfortunately a few losses as well and our junior teams doing a bit better than our seniors who have a brilliant new coach Miss Cargen.

   And on to the boys, the football season has gone well. The first team won every match leaving us unbeaten in our first season without Mr Branham. (Mr Lewis has done very well despite the boys not being able to understand his Geordie accent). The colts have had a great season winning 7 and losing 2. The U9A’s however have struggled only winning 2.  The beginning of the rugby has gone very well for all the boys, including significant victories against Thorngrove and an extremely exciting 10 – 10 draw by the under 10 team against Cheam.

 A highlight of this term for very many pupils has been the activities in the music department. Mr Rowley has organised with a well-rehearsed carol service, many successful music exams, the performance at the Royal Berkshire show, the sad but moving Thanksgiving Service for Mr Pudden and of course the amazing Children in Need performance on live TV happening here at our school. It was an amazing opportunity in which over 70 pupils from our school joined 200 boys and girls from local schools here in our PAC and all were linked to thousands of other pupils from schools all over the country. Mr Rowley was interviewed as the head choirmaster.

 The riding team have had many triumphs with Archie L, Archie D and Ben B qualifying for the nationals and Nancy Harper qualifying individually.  A good number of pupils have ridden to join the draghounds or foxhounds when they have hunted at school. Boarding has been enjoyed by all especially Mr Walters’ tiddlywinks championships with Alfio taking the win.The Christmas party last night which was enjoyed by all. With many thanks to all the boarding staff for a fantastic term of fun and excitement

 Swimming this term has been very successful with an unbeaten streak of galas and a very exciting championship gala taking place.

The school could not function without the amazing army of cleaners, Adrian the minibus driver and, especially as we look forward to our Christmas dinner tomorrow, the hard work of the kitchen staff who look after our tummies with so many delicious things to eat.

We hope you all have an amazing Holidays and New Year   

Pupils three cheers for the staff

Three cheers for the holidays!

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