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Brockhurst and Marlston House School
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Senior Prefects present their review of the term at Mark Reading

End of term speech

 Good morning Brockhurst and Marlston house, as I hope many of you already realised tomorrow will be the start of the summer holidays and I am sure many of you are excited. But this is also the last day of Brockhurst for the 2017 leavers and so we hope that they have plenty of fond memories to keep as they leave.

 As usual we will start with the girls sport, with this term being rounders - firstly the U12/13s have had a great season with the As winning every single match with ease and the Bs, Cs and Ds all have had a great season with the majority of their matches wins and a great mothers and daughter match ended the season off with lots of fun as although many say it doesn't matter (according to the mothers)  as...the daughters beat THE MOTHERS! The U11s had a mixed season winning 7 and losing 6.The U10s also had a mixed season but it sounds very promising as they come up to U12/13s.The U9s pretty much won all their matches which a great start to the years to come. And our U8s played amazingly with 3 wins out of the 4 matches. So a great season all round.

 The boys sport has also been very successful with the 1sts having a very exciting season of cricket along with the colts and even the U9s win many of their matches. The special mentions for the first team would be Noah, Ted and Jonty. Mr Meyer cannot wait for next year as he said that George Claxon played county cricket this term. On Wednesday night the form 1 leaver boys battled against their dads. Now you may think that this match would be rather one sided on our favour, but unlike the girls the boys were heavily beaten by the old fuddy-duddies that are our fathers. [Pride before a fall etc!]

 We have had a very strong term regarding the swimming. Many people qualified for IAPS swimming finals. The boys small schools relay did very well winning silver medals, the girls small schools relay did another strong swim coming 4th. The Senior girls freestyle relay did very well with some tough competition and came a highly respectable 7th place. Alice K-C qualified individually for butterfly and swam very strongly. This term we have also had many galas with a good number of wins and also the inter house gala was very fun and exciting and extremely competitive. 

 There has been much success in judo as well: George Gil Rodriguez and Oliver Key, Emmanuel Olowe, Seb Mcallan, Tom Harrop, Myriam, Teddy,Freddie and Amy received IAPS Medals of which they are rightly proud.

 This term Athletics has played a big part as a major sport with many people breaking sports day records. As always it was a great success and was thoroughly enjoyed and thanks go to Mrs Brannam and all the staff we all making it run so smoothly.

Many people qualified for Tilsley Park. Daniel Burger broke the Tilsley 300m record. Several of those that went to Tilsley qualified for the nationals at Birmingham: Dan Burger, Grace Pitchford, Zara Hastings, Imogen Davis, Alice Keppel-Compton, and Amy Wright. If that wasn’t enough, Daniel Burger reproduced his effort at Tilsley and managed to break the National Birmingham 300m record and won the Corden Cup meaning he was the best boy athlete at the meeting.

 This term Brockhurst and Marlston sent a shooting team to the  IAPS and most of them all came back with medals Lauren Raeburn Ward also received the award for the best girl shot and then came 4th overall and Imogen Davis and her also beating all the boys including me by quite a distance. The fishing club has come back on Friday nights with many fish and the prize must go to Tom Dunlop with his amazing 5 ¼ pound rainbow trout. We hope Tom did eventually eat “Jeffery” as Tom named him.

 The tennis this term has been extremely strong! We have had some very exciting matches and most of them were wins. We also did a very special match which was mixed doubles. It was a very strong set of games and was incredibly fun. We also have had the tennis league going on with some very exciting finals. Emily Booth did very well winning the inter girls and Ottilie Hewlett winning the seniors. However, we had the best final this year with a nail biting match between Alvaro and louis battling it out. Alvaro carried on strong and ended with a victory.

 There have been some amazing trips this term. From 1 had a great term going to the globe and then  to Wimbledon and thanks goes to Mrs Beckers, and Mr Brannam for organising these.

The younger pupils have also had some great trips going to Warwick castle, the Oasis and Exmoor to name but a few.

The Leavers play this year was an enormous success with great performance by Imogen Davis, Henry Roskill, Daniel Burger and Ottilie Hewlett - who of course couldn't be done as well without the team of supporting actors.

 With CE and scholarships all over huge congratulations to all as we all got into our first choice of senior school with flying colours!

 On behalf of everyone we would like to say a huge thank to all this year for all their support whether it is helping improve our sport or improve our academic side or keeping the school clean  or feeding us every day, I know we will all miss the school so much as we have made some life lasting friends  and some memories that we will never forget.

 Some advice to you all don't give up, try new things and don't waste your time sitting around enjoy life and most of all be yourself!


Three cheers for the staff: HIP HIP, HOORAY,HIP HIP, HOORAY,HIP HIP HOORAY.

Three cheers for the holidays: HIP HIP, HOORAY,HIP HIP ,HOORAY,HIP HIP HOORAY.


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