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Palma non sine pulvere Brockhurst and Marlston House School
Twin schools combining the best features of single-sex and co-education for children aged two and a half to thirteen

Sports Day Forms 1 - 6 June 11 2016


Photos kindly taken by Alex Hern and Steve Ambrose
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Cups and Trophies Awarded Sports Day 2016


Hurdles O Alford O Finch

                                                                   (New record)


1500 metres H Hobby            A Brader


Junior Victor/victrix Ludorum C Adams         W Wasterfall

                             A Huntley             T Sideso


Inter Victor/victrix Ludorum     J Sugden            L Dollar

                                   (3 new records)


Senior Victor/victrix Ludorum runner-up Javier Giminez          I Davis

                                 C McLaren


Senior Victor/victrix Ludorum                    O Alford            A Brader            

                                                                   K Moseley


House Cup                 Corinthians                Nightingale


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