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Sweden beckons for the Brockhurst Lions footballers

The Brockhurst boys selected to play for the Prep School Lions this summer will walk out in front of 55,000 people at the Opening Ceremony of the Gothia Cup.

That's because the Lions have been chosen to 
represent all the English teams in the prestigious stadium parade, the spectacular curtain-raiser to the tournament held in Gothenburg, Sweden.  
Our boys will parade in a superbly-organised procession, which rivals the Olympic Games for quality and sheer spectacle.  
The Lions boys will take their turn to command attention, just like the specially-chosen players from all the other nations, in what becomes an extraordinary celebration of world youth football under a colourful variety of flags. 
Prep School Lions organiser Dan Abraham revealed: 'I am delighted to confirm that our players have been selected to represent England in the Opening Ceremony. 
'They will parade in front of 55,000 people in the famous Ullevi stadium. What an incredible experience!'
One thing that makes the Opening Ceremony so unique is that Palestine is recognised by Sweden as a country, unlike by other western nations.  
So the Palestine players are free to parade under the Palestinian flag, not officially recognised by countries such as the UK or USA, for example.  
There is no prejudice or tension at this wonderful Swedish event and Gothenburg was recently voted "the world's most sociable city" - with good reason!  
The ceremony is a truly joyous evening in front of the huge and noisy crowd, complete with live music, videos and a massive fireworks display. 
The Brockhurst boys will he right in the thick of it this year, instead of just watching from the stands like last year. 
They are never going to forget this experience, however far their respective teams go in the tournament!

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