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Brockhurst and Marlston House School
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Guidance for parents

It is essential that parents and the school work together to ensure that all pupils are aware of the serious consequences of getting involved in anything that might be seen to be cyber-bullying. Brockhurst & Marlston House Schools’ informs parents of the cyber-bullying policy and the procedures in place to deal with cyber-bullying.

  • Parents can help by making sure their child understands the school’s policy and recognises how seriously Brockhurst & Marlston House Schools’ takes incidents of cyber-bullying
  • Parents should also explain to their sons or daughters the legal issues relating to cyber-bullying
  • If parents believe their child is the victim of cyber-bullying, they should save the offending material (even, if necessary, by saving an offensive text on their or their child’s mobile phone) and make sure they have all relevant information before deleting anything
  • Parents should contact the Headmaster/Headmistress as soon as possible. A meeting can then be arranged with the Headmaster/Headmistress, which may involve other relevant members of staff.
  • If the incident falls in the holidays Brockhurst & Marlston House Schools’ reserves the right to take action against bullying perpetrated outside the school which affects past, present or future pupils or any other member of the school community.



If you feel that you want to help or to talk to someone about this but don't know where to start then why not write a worry?

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