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Brockhurst and Marlston House School
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Staff Contacts - alphabetical

Listed alphabetically with roles and responsibilities.

Name (alphabetical by surname) Role Extra-Curricular/Peripatetic Email address
Clare Abbott Assistant Housemistress, Classroom Support Mini Tennis c.abbott@brockmarl.org
Sarah Ashworth   Flute, Recorder & Oboe s.ashworth@brockmarl.org
Alec Aslett   Chess a.aslett@brockmarl.org
Sophie Beckers Form Tutor 2W,
Head of English,
Head of Drama
Theatre Club s.beckers@brockmarl.org
Adrian Beckwith   Piano, Flute a.beckwith@brockmarl.org
Lindsey Bedford Nursery Teacher   l.bedford@brockmarl.org
Sharon Boccaccini Form Tutor 4G,
Director of Girls Sport,
Head of Science
Chris Brannam Form Tutor 1E,
Head of Classics
Senior Tutor (Form 1)
Ginnie Breakwell    Vocal Coach g.breakwell@brockmarl.org
Lottie Cargen Assistant Boarding House Parent   l.cargen@brockmarl.org
Jonathan Cassidy Form Tutor 1W,
Head of Maths
Model Building Club j.cassidy@brockmarl.org
Vikki Claxton Uniform Shop Manager   uniformshop@brockmarl.org
Allison Cowan   Piano, Singing a.cowan@brockmarl.org
Heidi Craig   Speech & Drama/LAMDA h.craig@brockmarl.org
Emma Ellis-Davies School Secretary & Assistant to the Deputy Heads Riding (school lessons coordinator) e.ellis-davies@brockmarl.org
Christine Evans   Violin, Piano c.evans@brockmarl.org
Jules Evernden Form Tutor 6G, Head of KS1   j.evernden@brockmarl.org
Amanda Gibbs Administrator, Assistant to Director of Music & Administrator to the LDC   a.gibbs@brockmarl.org
Sandy Gilbert Administrator - Admissions   s.gilbert@brockmarl.org
Louise Gunnersen Head of Art   l.gunnersen@brockmarl.org
Anton Gwilt   Saxophone, Clarinet a.gwilt@brockmarl.org
Rachel Harper Head of HR/Deputy DSL/Registrar   r.harper@brockmarl.org
Davina Hastings   Singing d.hastings@brockmarl.org
Dominic Holland Form Tutor 5BE  Cricket Academy d.holland@brockmarl.org
Lara Key Head of Nursery   l.key@brockmarl.org
Yvette Khoshab Director of Palmer House (LDC), SENCO   y.khoshab@brockmarl.org
Damian Lane   Tennis d.lane@brockmarl.org
Steve Laurie   Drums s.laurie@brockmal.org
Lorraine Lees Teacher French   l.lees@brockmarl.org
George Lewis Form Tutor 5BW   g.lewis@brockmarl.org
Mike Linn Bursar   m.linn@brockmarl.org
Ruth Lunt

Form Tutor 2N

Examinations Officer

Head of Modern Languages

Sophie McCluggage

Form Tutor 3G

Head of Junior School

English Teacher s.mccluggage@brockmarl.org
Virginia McMurtrie   Cello v.mcmurtrie@brockmarl.org
Jamie Mead   Drums j.mead@brockmarl.org
Jaco Meyer Form Tutor 3BE,
Director of Boys Sport,
Head of DT
Cricket Academy,
Golf Co-ordinator
Gemma Miller Form Tutor 7G   g.miller@brockmarl.org
Nicola Neill

Form Tutor 8W

Head of Key Stage 1 and Pre-Prep Maths

Margaret Neville EAL, French   m.neville@brockmarl.org
Tess Noll Form Tutor 7B  
Dannie Oakley Senior Matron   d.oakley@brockmarl.org
Amy Odell Form Tutor 8E   a.odell@brockmarl.org
Nick Park Form Tutor 2E,
Deputy Head (Academic),
Form 2 Head of Year,
Interview Preparation
Jemima Parrish   Piano j.parrish@brockmarl.org
Nick Pelling   Chess n.pelling@brockmarl.org
Didi Portanier Teacher French Golf d.portanier@brockmarl.org
Stuart Raeburn-Ward

Form Tutor 1S

Deputy Head (Pastoral)

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Head of Boarding

Clay Pigeon Shooting Co-ordinator
Bronwyn Raeburn-Ward Head of Boarding,
Teacher Maths
Megan Richards   Piano m.richards@brockmarl.org
Caroline Richardson Form Tutor 6B   c.richardson@brockmarl.org
Matt Rivers   Clay Pigeon Shooting m.rivers@brockmarl.org
James Roberts   Fencing j.roberts@brockmarl.org
Sally Rossiter Head of Swimming   s.rossiter@brockmarl.org
Clifford Rowley Director of Music   c.rowley@brockmarl.org
Graham Saunders   Singing g.saunders@brockmarl.org
Alexis Sheppard   Violin a.sheppard@brockmarl.org
Caroline Simm Form Tutor Reception,
Head of EYFS
Cassie Sliwinski Form Tutor 5G,
Assistant House Parent
Ivan Sliwinski Assistant House Parent
Games Coach
Colin Small   Judo c.small@brockmarl.org
Victoria Stout Boarding House Matron   v.stout@brockmarl.org
Mark Templeman
Assistant Head of Junior School
Form Tutor 3BW
Head of ICT
eSafety Officer
Ballet, Fencing, Chess, Tennis Co-ordinator m.templeman@brockmarl.org
Lee Vivian   Brass l.vivian@brockmarl.org
Toby Walters Form Tutor 4B   t.walters@brockmarl.org
Wendy Willoughby-Paul   Ballet w.willoughby-paul@brockmarl.org
Julie Wooldridge Assistant Bursar   j.wooldridge@brockmarl.org
David Yates   Guitar d.yates@brockmarl.org


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