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Brockhurst and Marlston House School
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Staff Contacts - alphabetical

Listed alphabetically with roles and responsibilities.

Name (alphabetical by surname) Role Extra-Curricular/Peripatetic Email address
Clare Abbott Assistant Housemistress, TA & Games Coach Mini Tennis c.abbott@brockmarl.org
Vicky Adams Swimming Teacher Extra Swimming Co-ordinator v.adams@brockmarl.org
Sarah Ashworth   Flute, Recorder & Oboe s.ashworth@brockmarl.org
Alec Aslett   Chess a.aslett@brockmarl.org
Sophie Beckers Form Tutor 1W,
Head of English,
Head of Drama
Theatre Club s.beckers@brockmarl.org
Adrian Beckwith   Piano, Flute a.beckwith@brockmarl.org
Lindsey Bedford Nursery Teacher   l.bedford@brockmarl.org
Helen Beesley
Sharon Boccaccini

Form Tutor 1N,

Director of Studies,

Head of Science

Lottie Cargen

Form Tutor 4G,

Head of Girls Games

House Parent

Jonathan Cassidy Form Tutor 1S,
Head of Maths
Model Building Club j.cassidy@brockmarl.org
Heidi Craig   Speech & Drama/LAMDA h.craig@brockmarl.org
Jane Detenon Senior Housekeeping   j.detenon@brockmarl.org
Emma Ellis-Davies Registrar, Senior School Report Coordinator Riding (school lessons coordinator) e.ellis-davies@brockmarl.org
Christine Evans   Violin, Piano c.evans@brockmarl.org
Katrina Fleming
Assistant Registrar 
Head of Ballet k.fleming@brockmarl.org
Bori Gannon

Form Tutor 2W

Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Amanda Gibbs Administrator, Assistant to Director of Music & Director of the LDC   a.gibbs@brockmarl.org
Louise Gunnersen Head of Art   l.gunnersen@brockmarl.org
Anton Gwilt   Saxophone, Clarinet a.gwilt@brockmarl.org
Rachel Harper

Head of Compliance and Communications,

Deputy DSL

Davina Hastings   Vocals d.hastings@brockmarl.org
Dominic Holland

Form Tutor 5B

Head of Boys Games

 Cricket Academy d.holland@brockmarl.org
Chris Hosking

Form Tutor : Form 4B

Deputy Head of Boarding

Junior Subjects Teacher

Lianne Hosking

Form 7 Tutor

Deputy Head of Boarding

Junior Subjects Teacher

Lara Key Head of Nursery   l.key@brockmarl.org
Yvette Khoshab Director of Palmer House (LDC), SENCO   y.khoshab@brockmarl.org
Damian Lane   Tennis d.lane@brockmarl.org
Steve Laurie   Drums s.laurie@brockmal.org
Lorraine Lees Teacher French   l.lees@brockmarl.org
Jess Mann

General Subjects Teacher,

Girls Games

Sophie McCluggage Head of Junior School English Teacher s.mccluggage@brockmarl.org
Virginia McMurtrie   Cello v.mcmurtrie@brockmarl.org
Jamie Mead   Drums j.mead@brockmarl.org
Jaco Meyer Form Tutor 3BE,
Director of Sport,
Head of DT
Nicola Neill

Form Tutor 8W

Head of Key Stage 1 and Pre-Prep Maths

Tess Noll Form Tutor 3G   t.noll@brockmarl.org
Nick Park Form Tutor 2E,
Senior Tutor,
Form 2 Head of Year,
Interview Preparation
Jemima Parrish   Piano j.parrish@brockmarl.org
Nick Pelling   Chess n.pelling@brockmarl.org
Didi Portanier Teacher French Golf Co-ordinator d.portanier@brockmarl.org
Stuart Raeburn-Ward

Deputy Head, Brockhurst

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Head of Boarding

Clay Pigeon Shooting Co-ordinator
Bronwyn Raeburn-Ward

Deputy Head, Marlston House

Head of Boarding

Teacher Maths

Megan Richards   Piano m.richards@brockmarl.org
Caroline Richardson Form Tutor 6G   c.richardson@brockmarl.org
Matt Rivers   Clay Pigeon Shooting m.rivers@brockmarl.org
James Roberts   Fencing j.roberts@brockmarl.org
Sally Rossiter Head of Swimming   s.rossiter@brockmarl.org
Clifford Rowley Director of Music   c.rowley@brockmarl.org
Graham Saunders   Singing g.saunders@brockmarl.org
Alexis Sheppard   Violin a.sheppard@brockmarl.org
Caroline Simm Form Tutor Reception,
Head of EYFS
Lindsey Simmons-Herbert Assistant to the School Nurse   l.simmons-herbert@brockmarl.org
Cassie Sliwinski Form Tutor 5G,
Assistant House Parent
Colin Small   Judo c.small@brockmarl.org
Mark Taylor Form Tutor 6B   m.taylor@brockmarl.org
Mark Templeman
Form Tutor 1E1, 1E2
Assistant Head
Head of ICT
eSafety Officer
Extra-Curricular Co-ordinator m.templeman@brockmarl.org
Holly Unnuk Ballet   h.unnuk@brockmarl.org
Michelle Verney Finance Assistant   m.verney@brockmarl.org
Lee Vivian   Brass l.vivian@brockmarl.org
Toby Walters Form Tutor 3B   t.walters@brockmarl.org
Anne Whitehead School Nurse   a.whitehead@brockmarl.org
Julie Wooldridge Business Manager   j.wooldridge@brockmarl.org
David Yates   Guitar d.yates@brockmarl.org


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