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12 October 2019

10:30 - 12:00

Twin schools combining the best features of single-sex and co-education for children aged two and a half to thirteen

The Boarders had a busy Sunday taking part in the Cargen Challenge

The Boarders had a busy Sunday taking part in the Cargen Challenge. 

First they divided into a pink team and a green team, each with a golden ticket to start their quest around the school grounds for clues. Each clue lead them around the grounds and even had them hunting for an Egg in the gallery. The clues lead them back to the courtyard where they then had to figure out the word on the back of their clues, come up with a catchphrase and Hakka to accompany their new team name. 
The second part of the afternoon had the 'Courageous Kids' and the 'Astounding Croquettes' doing challenges to earn points for their final challenge of the day. They had to overcome Shark Infested Custard, the Space Hop Challenge, Dingbats and Charlotte's Web. Having completed these challenges, they then had to create a vessel for their egg to be dropped off the top of the school (by the Gappies)!   The great Egg Drop Challenge was the last but most exciting part of the day. 
The home made parachutes and padding saw one team victorious, with the egg still intact after an Egg-celent race to the ground -  congratulations Courageous Kids!!

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