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Hybrid Classrooms

At Brockhurst and Marlston House we have invested in the latest video technology in our classrooms. This enables us to teach lessons simultaneously to pupils who are physically present in class and to those who are unable for whatever reason to be present, but who are able to join in online. We call these ‘Hybrid classrooms’.   

In addition, we are able to record all our lessons to the Cloud and make them available on catch-up to both pupils and parents on the same day.  The whole syllabus from Year 3 to 8 is available in an easily accessible and systematic library of catch-up lessons and associated teaching resources. 

Pupils and parents access our online teaching and resources through our WorldClass online platform.

Hybrid classrooms are groundbreaking in the way they enable us to support children and parents:

  • How to balance modern family life with school in the 21st century?
  • How to catch up on missed lessons?
  • How to help parents support a child at home with their learning?
  • How to consolidate and extend learning?
Hybrid classrooms

How to balance modern family life with school in the 21st century?

From time to time, all parents are faced with conflicting priorities in relation to home and school.  For example, what do you do if your child is poorly or out of sorts and you would rather they stayed at home but you don’t want them to fall behind?  Or perhaps you have no choice and they need to be off school for a period?  Or you have an appointment for your child that morning – do you drive to school only to come back an hour or so later to collect them, or do they miss their lessons?  What about the family event that’s really important to you but which clashes with term time?  Or the times when getting to school is really difficult for some reason.  The range of possible difficulties experienced by every family is considerable and the inflexibility of traditional schooling can be a part of the problem.

Hybrid classrooms enable our children to take part in lessons from home as easily as being in the classroom in school.  This gives you the flexibility to balance family life with school without worrying about your child falling behind.  In fact, you could be anywhere and still have your child in class with us, all they need is access to the internet on any device. 

We believe the inflexibility of traditional schooling in this respect is now an outdated model of education.


How to catch up on missed lessons?

Of course, it won’t always be possible for a child to join a lesson live on-line and children will still miss lessons for various reasons.  A common example in schools would be missing an academic lesson for a peripatetic music lesson. 

Our lessons are all recorded to the Cloud on the same day and are available on WorldClass for a child to access whenever they want.  Because we are recording live lessons, they also include all the discussions and questions from the other children taking part which adds enormously to a child’s engagement and learning experience.  In addition, each recorded lesson is catalogued with all the resource and support material used by the teacher. 

Video catch-up lessons provide a simple but revolutionary solution to the problem of missed lessons. 


How to help parents support a child at home with their learning?

One of the most common requests we get from parents is ‘how can I help support my child with their learning?’

As a parent of our school, you have full access to the WorldClass LMS.  You can therefore watch every lesson yourself and access all the support material that goes with them. 

This is ground breaking in two ways.  First, we are the only school in the UK which enables parents to observe all our academic lessons.  This reflects our commitment to transparency and outstanding teaching and enables you to know that your child is getting the best teaching.  Secondly, it enables you to support your child by referencing how the teacher explains topics (which can be especially helpful in maths) and what content has been covered.

This empowers you to support your child across the curriculum whenever you want to in a way that has not been possible before.


How to consolidate and extend learning?

Every child forgets or misunderstands topics and needs to go over them again to consolidate their understanding and build their confidence.  Equally, nothing is more frustrating for an enthusiastic and bright child than being held back from racing ahead and exploring exciting new material. 

WorldClass has the whole syllabus from Year 3 to scholarship level in Year 8 available to you in a systematically organised and comprehensive library of recorded catch-up lessons with supporting material.  Children are able to access all these lessons and so can you at any time. 

This is another ground breaking development that empowers both them and you in their learning and which makes excellence in differentiation easier to achieve.

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