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Ridge House health notes


If your son or daughter is ill, please allow 48 hours after the last of any symptoms of sickness, diarrhoea, contagious conditions or high temperature before allowing them to return to school. If you are unsure contact me, Anne Whitehead

If your son or daughter appears unwell at the start of the day please keep them at home but do not hesitate to bring them in later if they are clearly fine.

If your son or daughter becomes unwell during the school day a member of Ridge House staff or I will call you. 

In the event of an emergency, treatment and care of the pupil will be our priority and someone will call you as soon as possible. 

Ridge House parents are asked to fill in a ‘medicines form’ if they wish their son or daughter to have a particular medicine during the day. These are available on request from the Ridge House staff. This is a legal requirement. 

Off Games 

Please speak to your son’s or daughter’s class teacher. 


Please be aware that the ‘dreaded’ headlice rear their ugly head very regularly! Some parents use a ‘Nitty Gritty’ comb everyday and this is working for their children. is highly recommended. I quote (from their website) 

"The Nitty Gritty mums will always offer you either a full refund of your purchase price or a brand new replacement – your choice, of course – if you are ever, at any time, less than delighted with the way your Nitty Gritty product performs”. 


Please feel free to contact me or call in to discuss any health concerns about your child.

Anne Whitehead  01635 200293 Ext 225

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