We teach children that there are many different ways of arriving at a solution and encourage them to explain their thinking in words, diagrams and, from Year 6, algebra. We help young mathematicians become critical thinkers – to examine their work and assess whether what they have done is sensible.

Children are given an experience of maths based on three core principles: understanding, enjoyment and challenge. Key ideas are revisited and built on, year on year, giving children the opportunity to refresh their understanding and draw connections between different areas of maths. Real-world applications are key, as are the transferrable skills learnt through doing maths, for example logical reasoning and the ability to question the truth of a statement. The aim is that maths intrigues, inspires and makes real sense.

Class sizes range from 7 to 20. Children are encouraged to work individually, in small groups, or as a whole class, and teachers use a range of interactive and hands-on resources. In Upper School (Year 7 & 8) pupils are setted by ability.  Additionally, support and extension groups run throughout the school to enable all children to reach their potential.

Lessons from Year 4 are recorded and available on catch-up on our online Learning Management System.  These provide both pupils and parents with an invaluable resource for consolidating and extending learning

Pupils are enter the UK Maths Challenge each year with many winning Gold to Bronze awards.  Our strongest mathematicians go up to and beyond GCSE level Maths. A few sit GCSE maths before leaving us.