Music is a special feature at Brockhurst and is encouraged in every possible way. There is a full-time Director of Music who teaches all the pupils from the nursery up to year 8.

We are fortunate to have a very high percentage of pupils learning all types of instruments and they are all prepared for the graded examinations for the Associated Board Royal Schools of Music. Many pupils reach the higher grades (6-8) and some even attain diploma standard.

Special provision is made for outstanding pupils to devote extra time to developing their musical talent and some pupils compete in National or International festivals and competitions and some play in the National Youth Orchestra. In addition, music theory classes are offered to those progressing to higher levels.

We have three choirs, of which the Chamber Choir is the highest in standard. Members need to pass an audition to join. In addition, we have two orchestras, flute groups, clarinet groups, brass groups, guitar groups, a Swing Band (which perform at local events, such as the Newbury Show) and an R & B Band.

Meet our music staff in performance

 Barack aged 9 years playing Beethoven’s Sonata in G – 2019 Summer Concert


Jayden – theme from Starsky and Hutch  2021

In Foundation stage and year 1 pupils learn lots of fun songs, often with movement, playing basic percussion instruments and listening to all genres of music In class lessons, for the younger pupils, it is all about having fun and developing interest, concentration, participation and above all confidence..

Year 2 – music starts to progress to a higher level, but still with a great sense of fun. The pupils are introduced to keyboards and specially designed computer software to develop their creative side and general knowledge. We also start violin and recorder fun groups which is intended to act as a springboard and encourage children to start learning to play standard orchestral instruments, such as the flute or trumpet when able.

Years 3 & 4 – pupils automatically join our Junior Choir. The choir perform at all school concerts and have lots of fun dressing up in suitable costumes and singing fun songs.

Years 5 to year 8 – pupils are introduced to the computer program Sibelius. This program is used by professional musicians/composers all over the world. If pupils decide to take GCSE or A level music at their next school, the skills we teach here will help them to create their own compositions and arrangements needed at this level.

Pupils are encouraged to start learning an instrument of their choice and are able to have taster lessons.