Our children receive a first rate, multi-faceted, creative and stimulating education, which helps with their cognitive development – one of the main areas tested by senior schools. In addition to the exceptional education we offer, we strive to provide stimulating and accessible preparation for pupils sitting pre-tests, attending assessment days and having interviews, in order to achieve a place in their senior school of choice.

Whilst most senior schools do not wish for pupils to be prepared for the pre-tests, it is clear that performance in these tests is enhanced with practice and familiarisation of the types of questions the pupils may face. To this end, pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 receive Reasoning lessons to provide this exposure and to prepare them for tests they will mostly sit in Year 6..


The teaching programme is divided into the main topics of Verbal Reasoning & Non-Verbal Reasoning and these are covered in some depth using various on-line programmes. Also within the curriculum, we look at solving puzzles, group work and general oral ability to explain and debate

With regards interview practice, we leave these until relatively close to the date.  Pupils need to present themselves as naturally enquiring and interested.  Over-rehearsed children lack spontaneity and generally do not interview well.

In terms of assessment, short assessments are carried out in lessons throughout the year. In addition to this, Years 3,4, 5, 6 and 7 and any new pupils that join at other times taking online Cognitive Ability Tests using GL Assessments CAT4 testing system. This provides the school with CAT scores which we can use to support tracking data and to aid our advice to you on future schools choices.  They also provides the pupils with exposure to online tests.  These scores provide an empirical measure of ability which is informative and shared with our parents.