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Full Day Pupils’ Extracurricular Acitivities Programme

The Extracurricular Activities Programme open to the pupils is very broad and is a key part of their education. Many activities are organised on-site taking full advantage of the School’s large estate with great benefits also to the outdoor loving boy. Unlike many schools, the timetable is constructed to ensure they are not restricted by it in their choices.

The pupils are expected and encouraged to take part in activities and to develop as broad a range of interests as possible. They discover passions and enthusiasms which benefit all aspects of their lives including their performance in class. They learn to socialise and become independent. Their sense of wonder and enquiry is stimulated and their enthusiasm and confidence in having a go at new things is fostered.


Art and Design

Cost Details Other Information
Art Club: Sewing & Textiles Click here
Art Club: Arts & Crafts Click here
Art Club: Pottery Click here
Art Course: Polymer Clay Animals (Forms 4, 5 & 6) £85 Per Term Click here No. of participants: minimum 4; maximum 12
Art Course: Drawing Faces (Forms 1, 2 & 3) £85 Per Term Click here No. of participants: minimum 4; maximum 12
Art Course: Painting and Mixed Medium (Forms 1, 2 & 3) £85 Per Term Click here No. of participants: minimum 4; maximum 12

Performing Arts

Cost  Details Other Information
Ballet £75 per term Click here Grade 2 (mainly Forms 5 & 6); Grade 3 (mainly Forms 3 & 4): Grade 4+ (mainly Forms 1 & 2)
Speech & Drama £110 per term Click here
Introductory lessons £70 per term

IT & Technology

Cost  Details Other Information
eSports Click here
Computing and Coding Click here
Creative Media £90 per term Click here No. of participants: minimum 4; maximum 10
DT Club Click here
DT Course £85 per term Click here
Robotics £40 per term Click here

Music Ensembles

Click here
Flute Group £4 per session
Guitar Group £4 per session
R & B Band
Swing Band
Chamber Choir
Junior Choir
Junior Orchestra
Music Composition Club £4 per session
Music Theory


Air Rifle Shooting
Assault Course & Zip Wire
Fencing Click here
Judo Click here
Swimming (Extra) Click here
Swimming (Squad) Click here
Table Tennis

Outdoor Pursuits

 Details Other Information
Riding £25 per session
Mountain Biking Click here
Claypigeon Shooting £29.50 per session  Evening Fly Fishing
Evening Fly Fishing
Bush Craft

Clubs & Enrichment

 Details Other Information
Archaeology Club Click here
Book Club
Chess £75 per term Click here
Codebreaking Club Click here
Cookery Classes £24 per session Click here
Eco Club
Gardening (Summer Term Only)
Greek Mythology Click here
Activity/Games Club (Chess, Board games, Model Building/LEGO)
Remote Control Car Racing


 Details Other Information
Classical Greek This activity is for pupils preparing for Scholardship Greek examinations (i.e. pupils in Form 1S)
Italian £8 per session Click here
Mandarin £8 per session Click here

£8 per group session

£27 per individual session

Activities at other times


Cost Details Other Information
Tennis (Group Coaching) £7.95 per session Click here
Tennis (Individual) £20 per session Click here
Mini Tennis £7.95 per session Timings TBC

Weekend Courses

Programme to be published soon
Bush Craft  
Cycling Proficiency  
Drone Flying Licence  
Extra Swimming  
Fly Fishing  
Indian Cooking  
Pony Club  
Rookie Lifesaving  

Individual Music Lessons

 Cost Details Other Information
Cello  £20 per session
Clarinet  £20 per session
Drums  £20 per session
Flute  £20 per session
Guitar (Classical and Electric)  £20 per session
Piano  £20 per session
Saxophone  £20 per session
Singing  £20 per session
Trumpet  £20 per session
Viola  £20 per session
Violin  £20 per session

Evening Sport Academies (after 6.00 p.m.)

 Cost Details Other Information
Cricket Academy £50 per term (includes supper)
Football Academy £50 per term (includes supper)
Hockey Academy £50 per term (includes supper)
Netball Academy £50 per term (includes supper)
Rugby Academy £50 per term (includes supper)