Brockhurst & Marlston House Schools

Hybrid Classrooms

Our hybrid classrooms help children to make faster academic progress

Using the latest video technology, our lessons are available live and on demand from Year 3 to pupils who are unable for whatever reason to be physically present in class, but who are able to join in online.  They are also recorded and available on catch-up.  We call this a hybrid classroom.


Here are some of the benefits:

Your child can access our lessons from anywhere live on demand to suit your family’s requirements:

You can support your child at home with their learning better using our recorded lessons to help you

Our children can easily catch up on missed lessons because they are recorded

Our children can consolidate and extend their learning whenever they want to.

Many children are visual learners – recordings of live interactive lessons support their learning better

Sample Lessons

View a selection of 60 second previews of our Worldclass Hybrid Classrooms.

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