Brockhurst & Marlston House Schools

Year 1

In Year One, the days begin to get a little more formal as the children become more independent with their learning. We teach the core subjects of English, Maths, Science and the Humanities, alongside a wide range of specialist subjects, including Music, PE and French. The latter are taught by specialist teachers from the senior school. The children also benefit from weekly swimming lessons and our fun and exciting “Tree Top Thursday”.

Regular assessments track the understanding of key concepts ensuring that the pupils are appropriately challenged and supported throughout the year.

Producing happy, confident, independent children who are achieving their best is our target for the end of Year One.


There are also many optional extra activities such as Judo, Ballet, Chess, Tennis, extra swimming and Yoga which are taught by specialists.


There are many optional extra activities such as Speech and Drama, Judo, Ballet, Chess, Tennis, Yoga, extra swimming and horse riding, which are taught by specialists. Many pupils start learning individual instruments and there are recorder and violin fun groups available which allow children to try out and explore different instruments before committing.  Broad use is made of the schools’ outstanding facilities.

A thriving after school club enables children to stay on up to 5.50pm.

Year 2

In this year the children progress to more specialist subject teaching and their first taste of team sport.  The children love to feel part of the Prep school and wear the senior school uniform and attend senior assemblies twice a week.  In this way they make a seamless transition from Pre-Prep to Prep.

The timetable focus is on literacy and numeracy with a generous allocation to other subjects and sport every day.  Specialist PE staff take the children for their games lessons which mirror the main sports in the senior schools, including, hockey, netball and cricket for the girls and rugby, football, hockey and cricket for the boys. Both boys and girls enjoy athletics in the summer term.